What’s rotten at Apple

Has this happened to you recently? Your iPhone says you have an update available, but for various reasons — you need to be on Wifi, you need more available storage, you need to be attached to a computer — you can’t run it, so you constantly have a reminder that you can’t shut off and you can’t ignore. Really, really annoying.

I can’t help but compare recent updates with Apple and Android devices — a few weeks ago, my Android phone told me there was a major update available, and it installed, trouble-free, in about 6 minutes. No muss, no fuss.The phone restarted, and up came all my apps, just as I had left them. No weird interface changes, no removal of my passcode.

It just worked. Which is what they used to say about Apple. So what happened?

Apple updates have been taking at least half an hour, and will only install if you have over 1GB of free space on your phone, which is usually maxed out with videos and music — who leaves space for a system update? More often then not, recent Apple updates have been failing, and you have to reinstall and then restore your phone — so a good hour for what should be a simple upgrade. To add insult to injury, all your familiar programs are gone, replaced by “improved” versions that look ugly and have to be learned from scratch! What happened to the intuitive programs that they used to produce?

I know that Apple is doing everything they can to keep users using Apple devices exclusively, regardless of how the user is best served. iCloud barely works on Windows 7 and 8, and it doesn’t even exist for Android. My Samsung phone communicates flawlessly with my Sony Blu-Ray player, and even my Windows laptop will sometimes play on the Sony, too. So what’s up with Apple? Do they really think that forcing people into their ecosystem is the path to success? Because that seems like suicide to me, in an age of explosive connectivity.

Not to mention that it’s poison for the consumer. So think twice before buying into Apple until they start to play nice with others.