It’s not you, it’s Yahoo that’s not working

Literally. Yahoo has made it perfectly clear that they are not interested in small business. After their disastrous handling of the ATT Yahoo breakup, they sent emails to millions of customers at unmonitored email addresses requiring business users to click on a link to accept new terms and conditions. They claim they sent the email about 3 times over the course of 6 months.

If you need help reactivating your account and transitioning to a reliable service, please contact us at (760) 944-5600. We have priority calls in right now.

Instead of trying to advise these business owners through normal channels, Yahoo simply decided to dump all the accounts. They chose the Thanksgiving long weekend as the perfect time to do that, so coming back after several days off, businesses found themselves missing a whole week’s worth of email and no prospects of a quick or easy fix.

What’s worse is that there is no way to fix the problem. Your domain and email settings are stuck in a deactivated account at Yahoo with no way to access them! Due to some brain-dead programming, Yahoo’s web registration sends you into a Catch-22: you can’t log in with your deactivated account, and you can’t set up a new account since the domain you want to activate is owned by a deactivated account. Really, this is about the most stupid programming I have ever seen.

To make matters even worse, Yahoo’s phone service has been down for what they call “unplanned maintenance.” The message you get tells you to hang up and send them an email. In fact, it will hang up on your call after 30 minutes on hold. That is the only department that can deal with the small business transition/mangling. No other Yahoo employee even has access to their system.

If you are a class action attorney, this is a perfect case for you! Please contact me — I have several clients who are dealing with loss of business due to Yahoo’s bungling.

It’s a shame how far Yahoo has fallen. I remember 10 years ago when they were riding high, and everyone was imitating them. Their best people have jumped ship, leaving inept programmers and understaffed customer service departments to try to fend off their inevitable decline into bankruptcy. I predict the remains of Yahoo will be the subject of a bidding war between Google and Microsoft in about 6 months’ time.

My advice? Stay away! Far away! Don’t rely on Yahoo for anything important to you!

For reference, FWIW:
Yahoo VP of Small Business, Amit Kumar
Yahoo corporate phone: 408-349-3300
Yahoo Customer Care 408-349-1572 Small Business reactivation line (mostly down) 866-849-8298