Buy Now for FY2013, and Protect Your Assets

If your business year ends December 31, this is the time to make year-end expenditures. Remember, anything purchased and put into use this year can be applied to offset taxes this year.

Keep in mind that Windows XP is going to be going out of support in April 2014, so any computer running XP in a business environment should be upgraded or replaced, so this might be a good time to look into that. There is no direct upgrade path from XP to Windows 7 (or 8, if you have a death wish) but your data and settings can be migrated. Call us at (760) 944-5600 or send an email to discuss.

Also, if you are running older networking hardware, you should consider upgrading to Gigabit switches and routers. The difference in speed over your local network will be immediately noticeable!

Lastly, if you have a home-grade router such as a Netgear or Linksys/Cisco, this would be an excellent time to upgrade your security with a Fortigate or SonicWALL product. These are designed for businesses with higher throughput and more security features than home routers. They can be customized to let in and out only the traffic that you want. With recent viruses like CryptoLocker going around, you need all the protection you can get!

CryptoLocker is just one example of ransomware that we are likley to be seeing in the future, where the perpetrator hijacks your files and demands a ransom. The runaway success of these malicious programs means that we will be seeing a lot more of them soon. The only thing standing between you and infection could be your router which has blacklisted the websites needed by the software to work.

As always, LCP is ready to help! And by the way, if you know of a business that can use our services, please refer us! We will make it worth your while.