Layered Security

Let’s face it: the way we’re using the Internet today is way beyond what its creators had in mind. What started out as a project to allow research teams at universities to communicate with each other using text-based email programs has become the World Wide Web, e-commerce, email, virtual private networks, and more.

In a perfect world, all of that would be humming along. But some people have seen how easy it is to disrupt the flow of information for personal gain. Viruses, security breaches, email scams and more have become the bane of the Internet. The latest news, about 3 million Adobe accounts being hacked and Tor services being brought down, are evidence that careless use of the Internet is a recipe for disaster.

Layered Security is the only way to keep ourselves safe. It starts at the gateway with a device like a Fortigate 60C, and is followed up by up-to-date PCs with firewalls, antivirus, fully patched apps and browsers with password vaults and/or biometric sensors, and ends with the person sitting at the keyboard.

Be vigilant in what you click on, what you want to buy, what site you are visiting! You may no even see malicious software on your computer. Ever.

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